Things You Should Know About Engine Oils

engine oils

engine oils

Almost every modern engine requires more than one type of oil to function smoothly. Though an engine may require gearbox oil, transmission oil, etc., engine oil remains as the most vital oil for an engine. Most of us would never bother to know more about what 10W-30, SAE40 and multi grade that are mentioned on the engine oil packages mean. But, it is always better to know your engine oil if you really care enough about your car.

Viscosity is nothing but the thickness of engine oil under a given pressure. Manufacturer of most of the modern vehicles that we use today recommend oils that are approved by the Society of Automotive Engineer, or simply SAE. This is the reason you see SAE before a number in most engine oils, meaning that the viscosity of that particular oil has been tested and identified by SAE.

Mono and Multi Grades
Many of the cars that we use today can work well with multi grade engine oils, whereas some old type cars require a certain type of mono grade. So, what’s the difference?

Mono grade oils are created to have only a fixed viscosity and it will never fit any other engine that requires a different viscosity in the engine oil. For example, an engine oil pack that says SAE40 on its label can only work with engines that require a viscosity of 40 and it cannot be used in engines that may require SAE30, which is thinner than the former.

In the contrary, oil with a reading like 10W – 30 has two types of viscosity that works both in cooler and hotter engine conditions. These types of oils are called multi grades and many modern day cars can do well with these oils.

The best choice always it to know your engine type and use the oil recommended by your car’s manufacturer.


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Food and Asthma – Myths and Facts

Asthma myths and facts

Asthma myths and facts

Australia is a country with high rates of asthma as one in every 10 Australians is found being a patient of asthma. Whether you are an asthma patient or you know someone who is, it becomes important to know some basic facts about how eating food will affect asthma patients. Here are some myths and real facts about some foods and their relation to asthma.

Dairy Foods
It is widely believed by many asthmatic people that taking dairy foods can lead to an asthma attack. But science says otherwise. If your childhood diet is filled with milk, yoghurt and cheese, then you are less likely to get affected with asthma. The only time when you should avoid dairy foods is if your body has an allergy against it.

Food Allergies
Food allergies are rare among people as only 2% of the adults in Australia were found to have allergies to specific foods and chemicals. If you or anyone you know have asthma as well as a food allergy, then it is wise to consult a doctor right away about changing the diet. Not all allergies lead to asthma attacks and you may not have to change your diet after all just because you have an allergy. It’s better giving it a shot by consulting your doctor.

Chemical intolerance
Chemical intolerance is a completely different thing from food allergy as in this case, only a specific chemical present in some packed, processed or natural foods trigger the attack. The most common chemical that is believed to be associated with asthma attacks is Sulphite that is present in wines and processed dry fruits. You can know a complete list of chemicals that could cause an asthma attack by searching the internet for it.

So, if someone has made you to believe otherwise that what is mentioned above, it is time you change your thoughts. After all, paying a visit to your doctor is all it takes to reassure these facts.


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O’Grady Out Of The Aussie Tour De France Team Of The Century

Cycle Riders

Cycle Riders

Nine riders were named by Cycling Australia this week for the honorary dream-team line up to celebrate Australia’s 100 years of participation in the three weeks long event. O’Grady, a two times yellow jersey recipient and record 17 times tour participant, has been omitted from the team as a result of his doping confession last year. Don Kirkham and Iddo ‘Snowy’ Munro were the first Australians to participate in Tour de France, exactly 100 years ago.

This all star cycling line up is lead by Cadel Evans, the only Australian to win the legendary Tour de France tournament in 2011, accompanied by Phil Anderson, the first Australian to lead the tour, in 1981. Evans, who received a standing ovation at the awards and announcement ceremony, has been in this career for around 20 years now and he will be participating in his last race this February.

The line up has Simon Gerrans, a yellow jersey rider, as the team all rounder and Robbie McEwen, a three times green jersey rider as the team sprinter. McEwen’s leadout team have Brad McGee and Mark Renshaw, whereas the support riders are Richie Porte and Michael Rogers.

O’Grady could have been named the captain of the team for his unmatched record of 17 times participation in the Tour de France. But, he confessed about using dope in the year 1998 and this led to the omission of his name from this legendary line up, a place that has been filled by the great Sir Hubert Opperman.


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The Known And Unknown Benefits Of Weight Training

doing physical exercises

doing physical exercises

Whenever we hear the word ‘weight training’, all it comes to most of our minds is an image of a bodybuilder showing off his or her muscles. But unlike most of us would think of, weight training is not just about developing a muscular body. You can take a lot of advantages from simple, easy to do weight trainings that can be done in the comfort of your home. Here are a few things that we already know as the advantages of weight training, plus a few we don’t.

Weight loss
The more you sweat, the faster you lose your body fat. Thus, weight training or resistance training becomes an essential part of every weight loss program. The heat produced inside the body during such trainings helps in burning your body fats faster, making you look strong, tone and slim.

Tissue Strength
Weight training will make your important muscle tissues, joints and locks strong, helping you to avoid a lot of injuries that are common when people get old. Strong back, healthy shoulders and toned quads, what more could keep you more active and healthier than any other people?

Sleeping Aid
Yes! A good hour’s weight training is enough to make you sleep tight when you are back from that day’s work. If your body is healthy and fit, it automatically switches to ‘good-night-sleep’ mode.

Resistance trainings could boost your energy levels and this could directly result in an increased performance level in all of your day to day activities. The results – a higher than usual productivity level in your office, work or in your business.

Self Esteem
Yes! When you do resistance training, you get that one feeling most people around you lack in themselves – self esteem. Healthy body, increased energy levels, good sleep and the perfect look – don’t they sound like the perfect blend to increased self esteem? They most obviously do!

So, if you are avoiding weight training just because you hate looking like a body builder or if you don’t find it interesting, it is time you reconsider you opinions about it.


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